Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith has been forced to apologise after disrespecting the jersey of Brazilian football team Flamenco while teaching a drum clinic at the Hard Rock Cafe in Belo Horizonte - the home of Flamenco's arch rivals Cruizero.

In footage which you can see below, Smith parades the shirt in front of the booing audience and then stuffs it down the back of his jeans - to the crowd's delight.

However once Flamenco fans became aware of the incident, Smith was subjected to all manner of online harassment and even death threats.

Attempting to cover his tracks, Smith took to his Twitter account to say the following: "I want to apologize for my inappropriate antics at the drum clinic, my joke about team rivalries went too far. Flamenco fans...I'm sorry."

Smith was a nervous man when he took to the stage with the Chili Peppers in Rio (home of Flamenco) , Smith wore a Flamenco shirt for the performance, did an autograph session for the club's fans and presented Flamenco players with Red Hot Chili Peppers t-shirts.

Crisis averted...for now at least.