They've only just released their debut single, but it seems like Chris and Kem might already be in trouble with 'Little Bit Leave It'.

The 'Love Island' mates have angered rapper Lethal Bizzle, who claims that he was the one who coined the phrase (and revealed the true meaning of it) and he hasn't even been given a cursory credit for it.

The London rapper took to Twitter to send a video message to the pair - whose names he can't quite remember - said 'Cool - I want everyone to use my phrase. I make up words, I want people to use them - I don't mind. But when you wanna go and do a song and make money from them, then I have a problem with that. We need to have a conversation.'

In turn, the duo told Grimmy on his BBC Radio 1 show: "I was just happy that he tweeted us. We never even thought about these things, we don't know the legal side of the game. We don't want no beef, we're a massive fan, so we're just kind of leaving it."

Watch his irritated missive to the pair in full below: