If there's one way to rile a rapper - or in fairness, any performer - it's to cut them off and send them on their way before they're ready to leave the stage.

That's precisely what happened to A$AP Rocky (or, as Liam Gallagher calls him, 'WhatsApp Ricky') at a gig in China the other day.

Someone in the crowd captured the very end of the show, when the house lights had gone up and the rapper was clearly not happy about it.

He insists that his DJ continue to play, saying 'They not gon' cut us...' before the sound abruptly cuts him off. It's quite amusing, really.

He then slams his microphone angrily to the ground and storms off stage, to a chorus of shocked 'OooooOOOOOOOOhs' from the audience.

Watch it below: