Do you have aspirations to be the next Deadmau5, Skrillex or Diplo, yet can't afford to fork out the heaps of cash for some good quality decks?

Well, the folks at Pizza Hut have got your back. Yes, that's right - Pizza Hut. There's one catch, though; you might have to travel to the UK to get them.

The pizza chain is rolling out the first playable pizza box that hooks up to your phone or computer via Bluetooth, and allows you to learn how to DJ with rewind, control pitch and scratch controls using the technology embedded in the box.

The video below will explain more, but at the moment they only plan on supplying 5 (yet to be revealed) of the UK's 350 Pizza Hut stores with the boxes. Fingers crossed they eventually make their way to Ireland, because who wouldn't want to have a go at being the next big DJing sensation?

"I first learned how to scratch on a pizza box in 2016..."