In a week of feud-ending between warring musicians, are Taylor Swift and Katy Perry the latest frenemies to have called a ceasefire on their spat?

According to reports by E! News, the pair have kissed and made up after several years of not-so-subtle public dissing, which allegedly began over an argument about a back-up dancer.

That's big news in itself - but Swift has been spotted filming the video for her forthcoming single 'End Game' on a super yacht in Miami, and a woman who looks suspiciously like Perry - from her haircut to her build - is dancing alongside her.

It's sparked rumours that Perry is making a cameo in the video, but then again... would Perry allow herself to be pushed into the background behind dancers, as she appears to be in the footage below?

That said, Perry HAS been in Florida in recent days, as evidenced by her Instagram posts at Disney World (below)... the plot thickens.

Decide for yourself via the TMZ footage below.


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