Just when you think Noel Gallagher couldn't possibly have any more funny stories about meeting famous people, he pulls one out of the bag. Or maybe it's just the way he tells 'em.

Either way, his story about meeting Jerry Seinfeld - who also happens to be his comedic hero - is about as funny and awkward as you might expect.

As Gallagher explained during a Los Angeles listening party for his new album 'Who Built the Moon?' recently, his wife Sara organised a trip to New York for a birthday surprise for him, which he later found out entailed a Seinfeld stand-up show, having never seen him perform live before.

What's more, she also arranged for Noel to meet him after the show - and they first awkwardly met in the elevator up to the dressing room. "Jerry Seinfeld comes in and says, 'Hey,'" he said. "I'm like, 'No fucking way.' He went, 'Great to see ya.' And his wife went, 'Jerry, this is the guy from London. It's his birthday! I told you!' Jerry's going, 'I don't think you did.' She goes, 'Jerry, I told you – it's his birthday!' He was going, 'No, you didn't tell me.' I said to Sara, 'We're in a scene from Seinfeld. It's fucking unbelievable.'"

Hear him recount the whole thing below: