Anything Eleven can do, Mike can do better.

It seems that there's an inadvertent game of oneupmanship going on within the 'Stranger Things' cast in terms of getting your face in a music video. Not only has Millie Bobby Brown (aka Eleven) appeared in a recent video for Sigma, but now Finn Wolfhard (aka Mike) has done the same.

The young actor features in the video for 'Sleep in the Heat' by Canadian band PUP, although, considering he also appeared in a video for them in 2014, he might have the edge on his castmate.

This new video sees Wolfhard befriending a stray dog and having to go to great lengths to save him when he falls ill.

Watch 'Sleep in the Heat' below - but be warned, if you're feeling emotionally fragile or have recently lost a pet, get the Kleenex out: