If you've ever seen actor Michael Shannon in pretty much anything, you'll be aware that he fully commits to whatever role he's playing - whether it's General Zod in Superman, Nelson Van Alden in Boardwalk Empire or any other of his many films/TV shows from over the years.

You may also know that Shannon is a big music fan and has even appeared in videos by Deerhoof and promos for Bob Dylan's material over the years.

His latest music-related foray combines both his acting intensity and his music fandom as he took part in a David Bowie tribute in Chicago, specifically relating to Bowie's Berlin Trilogy.

Instead of attending the Golden Globes with his Shape of Water colleagues, Shannon took on the role of Iggy Pop at the concert - and boy, did he commit to it. Directors: you have your man for that inevitable Iggy Pop biopic.

Watch him below: