Her band nickname may be Scary Spice, but it seems that Mel B might be Mouthy Spice if her latest faux-pas is anything to go by.

The Spice Girl appeared to 'accidentally' drop a huge hint that the reformed girl group would be performing at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding this May during an interview on US talk show The Real.

When asked if she knew anybody who may be going to the wedding, she nodded and mouthed 'I'm going', before adding "I don't know if I should have said that. Us five Spice Girls [got an invitation]... why am I so honest?!"

She clarified that all five Spice Girls had been invited to the Royal Wedding and when pushed on what the invitation looked like, admitted that it was 'proper' before declaring: "I'm not saying any more! I've said enough!"

When asked if the group would be performing, she said 'Urgh, this is why I'm just...." and threw her cards up in the air, saying "I need to go. I'm gonna be fired."

Watch it below: