Yes it may remind a certain generation of a gorilla playing the drums in a chocolate advert but for everyone else, this version of 'In The Air Tonight' will remind of you why the song is such a classic.

Lorde was never going to make an obvious choice for her BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge cover but we have to admit, this almost sounds a song she would actually release herself if it wasn't for the fact that she'd be singing her name a lot.

Besides the cover, Lorde performed 'Green Light' but the real highlight was watching/listening to her let rip on Collins' hit.

Speaking about Collins, Lorde said: "I think I was aware of him as a kid but it wasn’t until I got older that I really realised how magical he was. I went through this crazy journey of all the Genesis stuff and all his own records. He’s such a pioneer. His melodies and his drums – I’m just so inspired by him and he pushes me to be better."

You can listen to Lorde's cover here (it starts at 2 hours and 13 minutes).