Lady Gaga isn't exactly a fan of the mundane, is she? Her latest escapade involves turning up to the launch party of her new album Artpop in a giant white flying dress. And to be honest, who else would you expect to see sporting a hovering frock than Lady Gaga?

The white number isn't exactly the most understated item in Gaga's wardrobe which, as you can tell by the video below, makes a pretty big racket when it's in operation. The dress, dubbed Volantis, has been two years in the making and was designed by TechHause at Gaga's request and was given its big unveiling at an event called artRAVE, a celebration of Gaga's new album in Brooklyn's Navy Yard last night.

Not one to do things by halves, Gaga has also recently said that she intends to be the first singer to perform a concert in space. Suddenly the recent news that she smokes 15 joints per day doesn't seem that surprising. We always thought she was something of a space cadet...

Image: AP