It's Madonna's BRITS mishap all over again! Or wait a minute - it's the new Left Shark. Or... well, let's just say that Katy Perry's BRITs performance last night was eventful, to put it mildly.

Perry took to the O2 stage last night to play her new quasi-political single 'Chained to the Rhythm', and put on a suitably spectacular dance routine as the 'houses' set that she was surrounded by suddenly came to life and started dancing.

However, one of the dancing houses unfortunately didn't make it to the end of the song as they took a tumble off the stage:

Not only that, but it seems that Perry - a very vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton - took a not-so-subtle jab at both Donald Trump and British PM Teresa May, after she was joined by two enormous skeleton puppets dressed pretty much exactly like them:

Watch the full performance below: