You may have read the recent story about one band forcibly ejecting over sixty people for using their phones during a gig - well, it seems that Katy Perry has gone to extreme measures for phone-using fans at her own concerts.

One fan found out that you should spend less time on your phone and more in the experience the hard way last Friday night, when she played Salt Lake City.

Jordan Hanks was filming Perry's performance of 'Roar' - which saw a number of giant inflatable eyeballs strewn around the stage - when he came eye to eye (literally) with one of them.

As he told Uproxx: "Out of nowhere there were these huge giant blow up eyeballs that were on the stage. Some people were throwing them around, but one landed right by Katy and she kicked it! I didn’t realize that she was kicking it right at my face until it was too late.

"The ball hit me right square in the face and knocked my phone out of my hands. I was so shocked and started laughing hysterically. Everyone around me asked me if I was okay and I was just laughing uncontrollably. My phone died shortly after, so once I got home and charged it I watched the video and it was hilarious.”

Watch the incident in question below, and remember, kids - put yisser phones away or the same thing might happen to you.