Kanye West's at it again - and by 'it', we mean 'stoking the fire on beefs with other musicians'.

In fairness, it wasn't all his doing this time 'round. The other day, his fellow rapper and one-time protégé Kid Cudi took to Twitter to air his grievances about West, Drake and the hip-hop industry in general, accusing them of having their songs written by other people and the like...

When West got wind of the rant, he responded accordingly - stopping mid-gig in Tampa, Florida to have a angry moment about Kid Cudi. "Don’t you ever mention ‘Ye name - I birthed you," he shouted. "You mad ’cause I do a song with Drake? Can’t nobody tell ‘Ye who to do songs with. Respect the God!”

Drake, meanwhile, responded in a slightly less manic manner, saying during his own gig in Oakland, 'Boy, you getting way too high... you need to Cud it..."