Timberlake has styled himself as a would-be Steve Jobs of dancing robots in the first track of his new album, 'Man of the Woods'.

'Filthy' is co-written and produced by Timberlake, Timbaland and Danja co-produced the track, and Timberlake has requested that you play it "very loud" because he's a menace to society and wants to get filthies from those around you while you listen. 

And if you haven't guessed from the song's title, 'Can't Stop The Feeling' this is not.


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The video sees Timberlake presenting at the "Pan-Asian Deep Learning Conference" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the year 2028, where he unveils a robot that displays some very vintage JT moves before getting, you guessed it, a bit filthy.

And it's probably down to us having watched too much 'Black Mirror' recently, but we were really expecting the robot to kill everyone by the end.

No doubt this means we're (unfortunately) in for some "sexy" robot dancing at the Super Bowl, which Timberlake is performing at next month.

This is the first of four tracks and videos that Timberlake is releasing in the buildup to the release of 'Man of the Woods', so take that as a warning for the next three Fridays.

'Man of the Woods' is set for release on February 2nd, and Timberlake will headline the Super Bowl Halftime Show two days later on February 4th.