Depending on your feelings toward Justin Bieber, you may be more accustomed to his music making you feel sad or angry, rather than happy.

For one young (alright, extremely young) fan, however, the dulcet tones of the reformed teenybopper is the only thing that will bring a halt to her tantrums.

The mother of six-month-old Layla Potter found that Bieber's song 'Love Yourself' was the only thing that calmed the child down when she was in hysterics. She told the Daily Mail: "Anytime she starts getting fussy I play ‘Love Yourself’ and she instantly calms down. She has done this since she was a month old. Basically, his song is on repeat, which I’m okay with as long as it continues to work.”

Funny, we would have thought she'd be more into 'Baby'.

Watch the video below (click image to play):

Via Daily Mail