We've all been there: you're on stage in front of thousands of screaming teenagers, about to make a guest appearance on a pop star's hit, when… brainfart. You forget the words. "Mumblemumblemumbleooooohhhbabyyeahhh" etc.

That situation happened in Miami over the weekend when Justin Bieber forgot to do his homework and learn the words to Ariana Grande's 'Love Me Harder', as the video below will exhibit.

It's not the first time that Bieber has been recently publicly embarrassed either, as even Martha Stewart joined in on his recent roasting. Morto for him.

Bieber was filling in for The Weeknd's spot on the song, but eventually gives up on trying to wing it and decides to prance around and shake a few fans' hands instead.

At the end of the video, he apologises to Grande, saying "I've been trying to remember [the words] backstage for like, an hour."

Watch it below: