If you're a Queens of the Stone Age fan, you may know that frontman Josh Homme is a man with very little time for the nonsense of hecklers.

Homme has, in the past, told irate fans seeking autographs exactly what he's thought of them, as well as stopping a show at a Norwegian festival to humiliate a fan who threw something at him.

His latest headline-making comments took place at the Splendor in the Grass festival in Australia, where an audience member stood on his friend's shoulders to direct an obscene gesture at him.

"That guy stood up on top of that guy just to give me the finger, but he gave me the wrong f**ing one,” he said. "Get out, it’s past your f**ing bedtime, son. No, seriously, it’s past your bedtime. The goal is to dance with a young lady, not to stand on your best friend’s head… unless you’re that f**ing guy.”

Watch it below (click image to play):