Yup, you read that right. Depending on your view of the King of Pop, that's either a thing of dreams or nightmares.

Following on in the holo-footsteps laid down by Tupac at last year's Coachella, MJ returned to the stage at last night's Billboard Music Awards to 'perform' 'Slave to the Rhythm' from his posthumous Xscape album. Mixed in with real dancers and coming off and on a holo-throne, every Michael Jackson trick was in there, from moonwalk to crotch grabbing, but how was it received?

Well before she hastily deleted the tweet, Nicki Minaj posted a a photo of Jackson with the word 'ALLEGEDLY' written across it, so we know she feels about the whole thing. The rest of the internet? Bit of a mixed bag, with some people saying that Jackson looked like an 'ugly wax figure of him' (no comment), while other fans were 'very, very disappointed'.

Regardless of how you feel about, you just know that the MJ estate is already planning a worldwide holo-tour because '$$$' and a dollar makes you holler honey boo-boos.

Via Twitter/YouTube