To say that it's been difficult to get away from Ed Sheeran in 2017 is like saying Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have had a minor tiff in recent times.

Sheeran has been absolutely everywhere over the past 12 months, not least with his mammoth song 'Shape of You', which was released in January.

The song's success defied anyone's - even Sheeran and his songwriting team's - expectations, as they explain in the video below.

Johnny McDaid (of Snow Patrol) and producer Steve Mac were the other two people that helped craft that song, and there are a few interesting takeaways from their discussion - including the fact that the line "I'm in love with your body" was flagged as being 'objectifying', the fact that the song wasn't even initially written for Sheeran to sing himself, and that he needs Lego to keep him focused during sessions. 

Watch the full video on the New York Times website here.