While Beyonce was killing it over at the BET Awards, Coldplay were giving festival goers major chills at Glastonbury, which, after five long days, has now drawn to a saddening close.

Gwyneth Paltrow, from whom Chris Martin has famously uncoupled, was there to support the band with their kids, Moses and Apple. Gwyneth looked on with pride as Martin welcomed their offspring on stage to sing 'Up and Up' with the band. She looked so overjoyed as she filmed the event, as she often does, that we find ourselves lamenting their relationship and wondering if there'll ever be hope of a conscious re-coupling down the line. Maybe even at a Coldplay gig, with fireworks and confetti and balloons. 

Watch some snippets of the action below. If ever we had a bad case of FOMO, it's for missing this.