Green Day haven't been afraid to get political in the past with songs like 'American Idiot', but their latest video is possibly their most forthright commentary yet.

'Troubled Times' is taken from Billie Joe Armstrong and co.'s latest album 'Revolution Radio' and their lyric video references everything from the suffragette movement to the civil rights movement, and everyone  from Martin Luther King to Trump.

It also depicts mocked-up placards saying 'Make America Hate Again', playing on Trump's campaign motto, as well as the president-elect as a vampiric character atop a podium, and ending with a nuclear explosion. *Nervous laugh*

Whether Trump takes to Twitter to denounce the rock trio ("Green Day, terrible band, overrated. American Idiots, Basket Cases, no clue. Sad!") is another thing... but we wouldn't bet against it. Sure, what else has he to be doing this week?

Watch it below: