Much has been said about Garth Brooks - particularly amongst the Irish in recent years (ahemmmm) - but new footage from a recent concert shows him doing a very nice thing for fans.

We all know that weddings are expensive shindigs, and that's without even factoring in the honeymoon - but when two fans got engaged in the crowd at his gig in Oklahoma City the other day, while he was playing 'Unanswered Prayers', he noticed the commotion.

Talking to them from the stage, he asked what their honeymoon plans were, and then said that he and his wife, fellow country star Trisha Yearwood, would pay for their honeymoon in Hawaii.

Later, he said that he had spoken to Yearwood and she had agreed to pony up - but joked "Nobody else can get engaged tonight."

Ed Sheeran, take note: this is one way to distract everyone from the Game of Thrones backlash...

Watch it below (from 3:30):