There were some strange scenes at a Los Angeles concert venue the other night, when one patron dressed like a bad version of Wonder Woman took it upon herself to attack the lead singer of a band.

Lydia Night of The Regrettes was the victim of the attack, which took place at the LA Waterfront as part of a festival organised by California band The Growlers.

According to an audience member, the attacker first fought with members of the audience and security as she made her way onstage, and then made for Night, pushing her to the ground before The Regrettes' bassist grabbed her arm and security eventually bundled her off stage.

The whole thing was no doubt pretty scary, particularly since the attacker could have been easily wielding a weapon of some kind. Night later responded on her own Instagram, saying: "Yesterday, someone invaded my safe space in an aggressive manner and that is absolutely not okay. Thank you for all of your concern and love. I am still pretty shocked about what went down, but I will be totally fine. I did not know the girl who attacked me. I was told she was on a lot of drugs and mistook me for someone else. Love you all and I'll see you next month on the east coast,"

The incident was caught on camera by an audience member, and you can watch it below: