The singer, who has sold millions of records in her career, failed to make much of an impression on the Times Square passers-by.

In what she described as a "street hustle experiment", singer Erykah Badu recently took to the streets of New York to experience the life of a street performer. Despite selling more records than you can shake a stick at throughout her career and embarking on a series of sold-out tours, it seems that your regular NYC pedestrian couldn't tell that they were in the presence of an award-winning musician.

How much money did she take in during her impromptu street session? A paltry $3.60, barely enough for a McDonald's Happy Meal. Check out the video, which Badu filmed on her iPhone, above.

By the way, Erykah, no excuses to be shooting a vertical video on your phone. Let's do landscape next time, yeah?

(via Stereogum)