A stage invader at Perth's Origin NYE festival had a lucky escape when he fell from the stage rafters during rapper A$AP Rocky's set. And by lucky escape we mean he didn't die.

The eejity young man scrambled up the scaffolding unnoticed and was dangling from the rafters by one arm before Rocky spotted him and exclaimed, 'Oh shit kid, come on man, be careful! C'mon kid what the f*** man. Don't die up there. Somebody help this kid before he kills himself!'

There was no time to bring a mattress on stage though, or a trampoline or whatever cushiony thing they might have had lying around backstage and gravity got the better of the dare-devil, who plunged several metres from the rafter after he lost grip.

The West Australia report that the man's injuries are 'serious but not life threatening.' So that makes it a-ok to have a look at the dramatic video footage captured by Wiz Khalifa’s tour DJ, DJ Bonics.