We'd have more respect if he'd just called it 'Manic Paddy Dream Girl feat. every tired Irish stereotype and some quasi-celebs' but that's probably not as Google friendly.

Ed Sheeran has followed through on his intention to release a video for 'Galway Girl', the most twee and upsetting song off his new album '÷', this morning and delivered unto us this GoPro-style run through 'a typical night in Galway' that's as nauseating as you can expect from a non-native.

It's basically that horrible Instagram traveling couple holding hands meme but featuring Sheeran's arm and a very enthusiastic Saoirse Ronan. There's even a god damn 'Titanic ceili in the hold' spinning around moment.

Truly awful. But at least we didn't have to look at Sheeran's face much.