By his own admission, Ed Sheeran was a 'very, very weird child'.

These days, of course, he's pretty much the biggest pop star on the planet, so weirdness can obviously be a very good thing.

That was the message he wanted to get across when giving a speech to the American Institute of Stuttering back in 2015, which has re-emerged online in recent days.

In the short speech, Sheeran describes how he developed a stutter after undergoing laser therapy for a port-wine birthmark on his face, and how his cure came in the unlikely form of an Eminem album.

"My dad bought me the Marshall Mathers LP when I was 9-years-old, not knowing what was on it,' he said. "And let me listen to it. I learned every word of it back to front. It helped me get rid of my stutter."

He added: "Stuttering is not a thing you should be worried about at all, and even if you have quirks and weirdness, you shouldn’t be worried about that, either.”

Watch it below (click image to play):