Granted, orchestras and pop acts together are nothing new in festivals, 2FM's Story of Hip Hop with the RTE Concert Orchestra has gone down a treat at Electric Picnic.

It's been hailed by some as the highlight of the festival so far, and both audience and critical reaction to 2FM's Story Of Hip-Hop has been overwhelming positive. The act, for those who didn't happen to catch it on Friday night, sees Irish artists Jafaris, Mango Dazzle, Erica Cody and Jess Kavanagh of BARQ team up with the RTE Concert Orchestra to blast out '90s hip hop songs such as Luniz's Five On It, Blackstreet's No Diggity, and 2Pac's California Love to name but a few.

So, to ensure you get the maximum amount of FOMO for not going to Electric Picnic, a 10-minute blast of the set has been uploaded to RTE Player that you can now watch to remind yourself that you're happy out for not going.

Happy... happy out. *sobs*

Here's the link to the set.