That answers that.

The singer, rapper, former stripper, reality TV star, Instagram sensation and whatever you’re having yourself performed tracks from her debut ‘Invasion of Privacy’ album, which was released on Friday, on the Chadwick Boseman-hosted Saturday Night Live last night.

Performing a medley of her biggest hits to date including ‘Bartier Cardi’ and ‘Kodak Yellow’, Cardi kept the reveal a secret with the aid of back-up dancers and strategically chosen costumes.

However, it was during a cover of Lauryn Hill’s ‘Be Careful’ that the camera pulled away from a close-up to reveal that she was pregnant. That’s one way of doing it.

Shortly after the show her fiancé, the rapper Offset, confirmed the news on Instagram.

There’s been no announcement yet about  how it will affect her future touring schedule which includes a planned appearance at Longitude in July.

Check out the video here:

Via: Uproxx