By all accounts, last night's concert in Croke Park was one of the highlights of the year and for some, the excitement was too much.

During the final moments of Halo, someone hurled their bra onstage into a sort of water-pool thing that Beyonce appeared to be frolicking around in on stage.

The precise moment of Yonce stepping on said bra was captured on a phone - presumably not a iPad - for all to see.

Take a look.

You can actually see one of her security team moving in to remove the unwarranted bra before Queen Bey waves him off with a laugh and makes the Universal Gesture for bras.

Also, worth noting that there's a Universal Gesture for bras. Good to know, Beyonce.

Of course, the bra story went around the world and US fans were somewhat perplexed. 

Nobody has so far stepped forward to claim said bra, but we think we might have found a culprit. 


How do you vomit THAT hard? Answers on a postcard, folks.


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