Backstreet's back alright! For all you die hard Backstreet Boys fans out there the band have premiered their new single on ABC's Good Morning America.

The single is called 'Permanent Stain' and will feature on the bands upcoming studio album 'In A World Like This' which is set to be released on July 30th. Band member Howie Dorough (yeah, I don't know which one he is either) said about the upcoming album 'It's just a bunch of great pop songs with a lot of great hooks. Some of the fans are going to hopefully be able to put it on their radio, on their CD player, or whatever the iTunes, and just you know, take a trip down memory lane with our sound as they've always known it as. They can listen to it and maybe get away from whatever is going on in life for an hour and just enjoy themselves with our music'. 

The band will support the album with a 20th anniversary tour which Nick Carter announced yesterday 'Backstreet Boys are going on tour this summer. That's right, baby! All five of us are back together. It's our 20th anniversary tour. We've got a brand new album coming out'. No dates have been announced for Ireland though...damn!