Judging by the videos doing the rounds online, if there's one Las Vegas show to catch in 2019 it has to be Lady Gaga at the MGM Park Theater. The singer's 'Enigma' show got under way last night and the online reaction has been immense.

The set list spans her entire career and includes classics like 'Paparazzi', 'Poker Face', 'The Fame' and 'The Edge of Glory' which she hasn't performed in some time. There's also a strong David Bowie influence running through the show. Lady Gaga performed two Bowie tracks namely 'I'm Afraid of Americans' and 'Earthling.'


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But it was arguably her performance of 'Shallow' from 'A Star is Born', a role that is generating some Oscar buzz, that fans were most eager to hear. Although she didn't have Bradley Cooper by her side to perform the duet, her solo version was even more moving. “They thought I was shallow, but this shit is deep as fuck,” she joked before playing it.


Lady Gaga's 'Enigma' is scheduled to be at the MGM Park Theater for the next two years. For more information or tickets, click here.