Although it didn't triumph in the Best Original Song category last night, 'Everything is Awesome' from The Lego Movie was undoubtedly the most entertaining performance of the evening.

It wasn't the only one, however: John Legend and Common, Adam Levine and Rita Ora also performed, while Lady Gaga undertook a pretty great tribute to The Sound of Music and country star Tim McGraw stood in for the Alzheimer's-stricken Glen Campbell in a moving performance of Campbell's song 'I'm Not Gonna Miss You'.

Jennifer Hudson also soundtracked the 'In Memoriam' montage and followed it up with a performance of 'I Can't Let Go', taken from the stage musical 'Smash', which she previously appeared in.

You can watch all of the performances below:

Lady Gaga - 'The Hills are Alive' - The Sound of Music tribute


John Legend and Common - 'Glory' - taken from the soundtrack of 'Selma'

Adam Levine - 'Lost Stars' - taken from the soundtrack of 'Begin Again'


Rita Ora - 'Grateful' - taken from the soundtrack of 'Beyond the Lights'


Tim McGraw - 'I'm Not Gonna Miss You' - taken from the soundtrack of 'Glen Campbell… I'll Be Me'

Jennifer Hudson -
'I Can't Let Go'  - taken from stage musical 'Smash"