If you were making up your own songs at the age of 6, they probably went something along the lines of '[Sibling] is a poo-poo head, la la la, la la la'.

Not young Egypt Dean, however.

The 6-year-old son of Alicia Keys and producer Swizz Beatz (aka Kasseem Dean) has obviously inherited his musical chops from his parents, as his dad has uploaded a picture of the youngster tickling the ivories and singing the first song he wrote.

It's called 'Super Boy' and yeah, okay, it's a little repetitive - but Egy, as his dad calls him, is so stinkin' cute that he gets away with it. Not to mention that he's a dab hand on the piano already.

"Proud Dad Alert," he captioned the video. "Egy wrote his 1st song Super-boy...  wait for the fancy fingers at the end. Kids you gotta love em #Dedication #hardwork EGY-Keys-Beatz"

When this kid grows up to be the next superstar in about 10 or 15 years, remember this video.

Watch it below:

Via EW.com