Over the course of her '25' world tour, Adele has regularly brought various audience members up on stage for a chinwag, a selfie or even a tune.

There were the two guys in Dublin, of course, and the Adele drag queen in Seattle, amongst many others. However, her latest 'special guest' is undoubtedly the youngest.

The Londoner kicked off her six-night run at New York's Madison Square Garden last night, and when she saw a little girl of just four years of age in the audience wearing ear protectors and holding a poster, she invited her, her aunt and her mother up on stage to have a chat.

The shell-shocked kid, whose name is Quinn, is either an Adele superfan or else her mum and aunt resorted to desperate measures when they couldn't get a babysitter. In any case, it seems that Adele - whose own son, Angelo, is also about to turn four - made them all very happy by taking a photo with them, promising to upload it on Instagram and sending them on their way.

Watch it below: