We recently brought you news of Ian Curtis's Macclesfield house being up for sale - and now another iconic musician's house has gone on the market.

The childhood home of Kurt Cobain in Aberdeen, Washington is available for $400,000 (€363,000), Billboard reports.

1210 E 1st Street is a four-bedroom bungalow and reportedly still has some features left over from the rock star's time spent living there - such as drawings on the wall and a hole allegedly punched through another wall by him as a teenager (which can be seen below).

Cobain lived in the house from the age of two to the age of nine, then again with his mother as a teenager after his parents had separated.

The listing on the website, Aberdeen Realty, claims "This Is A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Own A Piece Of Rock History."

The house was originally put on the market in 2013, with his family's wish that it be turned into a museum to the rock icon.