It's one of the most famous dance moves ever performed on stage and today is the thirtieth anniversary of Michael Jackson performed it in public for the first time. Check out the video below.

It's a common misconception that Jackson was the inventor of the moonwalk but it has actually been in existence since the 1930's, when performers like Cab Calloway popularised it (he called in 'The Buzz'). It gained further fame in 1955 when tap dancer Bill Bailey was used it during a recorded show, while mime Marcel Marceau used it for around forty years and was likely Jackson's inspiration.

It wasn't until the 1960s when the moonwalk made a transition from the comedy routines of the likes of Dick Van Dyke to music. Ronnie Hawkins and even David Bowie have performed the movie throughout their careers, as has James Brown, but if there is one performer who is synonymous with the move it's Michael Jackson.

On March 25th 1983, thirty years ago today, Jackson debuted his version of the moonwalk at the 25th birthday bash for Motown Records and from that day on the moonwalk became the unofficial intellectual property of the King of Pop - his signature move and something that would ultimately outlive the great man himself.