Although it's been mooted for quite some time, there still hasn't been anything in the way of official confirmation on a Spice Girls reunion.

Mel C AKA Sporty Spice penned an open letter to her fellow Spice Girls a few months back, in which she flatly refused to have any part of a reunion tour and specifically stated that "..anything less than the full line-up just didn’t feel like we’d be doing justice to the band or fans."

In today's Sunday Times, Victoria Beckham compounded that sentiment and, in a way, through in a bit of dig against Geri Haliwell, Mel B and Emma Bunton. "I do think they should sing new material, though, because what we did as the Spice Girls was so special. If they sang Spice Girls songs, I think I might be a bit sad."

It's understandable why Victoria Beckham has no time for a Spice Girls reunion, especially considering that she has a large family and a fashion label to look after. Beckham went on, saying that she was supportive of Mel B, Emma Bunton and Geri Haliwell's efforts "as a new group."

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Wannabe and speculation has been rife that Spice Girls would reunite for a tour, however with this from Victoria Beckham seems like it just isn't going to happen.

Sorry to break it to you, Spice fans, but we'll always have Spice World.