Illegal music downloading is still a major concern for record companies, especially in Ireland.

Yesterday, the High Court ordered UPC to begin taking measures against those subscribers who use their service to illegally download music.

Warner Music Ireland, Universal Music Ireland and Sony Music Ireland all launched proceedings against UPC and sought an injunction that would require them to take action.

It's understood that UPC will institute a "three-strikes" policy, not unlike Eircom's system whereby users are contacted by the service via mail and ordered to stop.

If that warning letter goes unheeded, a second one is sent and finally, contract termination and removal of service.

UPC is to begin contacting over 2,500 subscribers who have been targeted for illegal downloading.

The music companies, Sony, Warner and Universal, are to provide IP addresses of illegal downloaders which UPC's computer system will match with the subscriber's name and address.

It's not known how many will be contacted in the coming months, but it is known that the music companies expect at least 2,500 to be contacted on a monthly basis.