The U2 "claw" which has been the centrepiece of the band's two year-long 360 Tour looks like it'll have a life when the tour finally reaches its conclusion. The band, who had three of the massive 29,000 square foot steel structures manufactured, are in talks with promoters across the globe about installing them at various spots across the globe.

U2 tour manage Craig Evans told Billboard that "it's certainly our intention to see these things recycled into permanent and useable ventures", suggesting that they could be manipulated into permanent stages and amphitheatres.

The "claw" is the largest stage rig ever constructed for a concert tour and has a sound system built into each leg, as well as a cylindrical video screen, various effects and hovers above the performance area.

In other U2 news, the band are to re-release Achtung Baby to celebrate its 20th birthday.