Bono has had emergency surgery on his back, in Munich, after suffering an injury while rehearsing. Exact details surrounding how he did so, are still not known. When he is released from the hospital, the lead singer will return to Ireland where he will continue his recovery.

In relation to upcoming tour dates, U2's gig on 3rd June has been postponed, as will be future dates and this incident could mean that U2 will miss out on playing Glastonbury on 25th June. Paul McGuiness has said "We will make plans to reinstate the dates as soon as possible."

Here is the official story from the bands website: "Bono has today undergone emergency back surgery for an injury sustained during tour preparation training. He was admitted to a specialist neuro surgery unit in a Munich hospital, and is under the care of neuro surgeon Prof. Dr. Jorg Tonn and Dr Muller Wohlfahrt. Bono will spend the next few days there, before returning home to recuperate. Once his condition has been assessed further, a statement will be made regarding the impact on forthcoming tour dates."

-Alicia Coyle