It's been a big year for Bono.

The U2 frontman has enjoyed enormous success with both the publication of his autobiography 'Surrender' and its subsequent accompanying book tour (read our review here) - and it seems like 2022 is about to go out with a bang for U2 fans if the band's cryptic teaser is anything to go by.

The Dublin band are making an announcement at 2pm today, with a 24-hour countdown clock on their Instagram story ticking down from yesterday afternoon.

Fans are speculating that it may be a new album announcement ('Songs of Ascent' is reportedly ready) or the band undertaking a Las Vegas residency in 2023.

If it's the latter, it's unclear whether drummer Larry Mullen will perform with his bandmates, given his recent comments about needing time to recover from the physical toll that drumming has played on his body.

Either way, we'll find out at 2pm...