U2's partnership with Apple hasn't ended with the surprise release of 'Songs of Innocence' last week, the two parties have much bigger plans in store in future.

Seemingly not content with the most unconventional album release of all time, U2 and Apple have announced their collaboration on a brand new venture - and it might be even more ambitious that their free album giveaway on iTunes.

According to Time, U2 and Apple are joining forces to create a new digital music format which they say "will prove so irresistibly exciting to music fans that it will tempt them again into buying music - whole albums as well as individual tracks."

The idea behind the concept was formed to help raise money for songwriters who don't get the same revenue streams from touring that U2 do. Details are scant at the moment and the concept isn't expected to be available for at least 18 months.

But what is it, exactly? Well, according to Bono, it's "an audiovisual interactive format for music that can't be pirated, and will bring back album artwork in the most powerful way".

He explains further: "Songwriters aren't touring people. Cole Porter wouldn't have sold t-shirts. Cole Porter wasn't coming to a stadium near you."

In the same interview, Adam Clayton also referenced the reaction to 'Songs of Innocence', an album which has proved incredibly divisive among listeners.

"It's like everyone's vomiting whatever their first impression is", Clayton said.

Nonetheless, Apple maintain that the record has been accessed (either by streams or downloads) more than 38 million times.

We'll have to do this all over again soon, it seems, as U2 also confirmed that ANOTHER new album, as well as a world tour, are in the works.