The UK's Eurovision entry will be decided this Friday has already generated controversy, months before the contest takes place in Kiev, Ukraine.

The reason? All six finalists, who will compete in a heat on BBC2's 'You Decide' programme, are former X Factor contestants - or, as some people have rather cruelly dubbed them, 'rejects'.

They are Danyl Johnson, Lucie Jones (both 2009), Olivia Garcia, Nate Simpson (both 2016), Holly Brewer (2015) and Selena Mastroianni (2012).

People on Twitter have been reacting to the shortlist, and not all of it is complimentary:

Mind you, at least the people of the UK have a say in their Eurovision entry. Ireland, on the other hand, will not be afforded the same opportunity as our entry - by Brendan Murray, a former member of Louis Walsh's boyband Hometown - has already been given the green-light, although the song has not been selected.