Freddie Mercury, the singer for Queen and one of the most recognisable figures in the history of popular music, died twenty years ago today. Mercury was 45 when he succumbed to AIDS related pneumonia, a battle he fought out of the media spotlight, only announcing he had contracted the disease the day before his death.

Queen has sold upwards of 150 million records since their formation in 1968, going on to release 18 number one albums and 18 number one singles.

Mercury was an extravagant showman and this was reflected in his personal life. Mercury revealed in the 1970s that he was bisexual and appeared to fully embrace the 'sex, drugs & rock n' roll' lifestyle. His influence unquestionably lives on in today's music, influencing everyone from Katy Perry to Lady Gaga and was awarded the title of the "biggest rock star of all time" as recently as a couple of years ago by the readership of Classic Rock magazine.