Tvvins, the brainchild of Cast of Cheers' Conor Adams and Lar Kaye of Adebisi Shank and No Spill Blood, will play Upstairs at Whelan's on Thursday 27th February. Tickets will set you back just €11.

As members of already-productive bands, Conor Adams and Lar Kaye would want to have a good reason for starting another project but it becomes obvious upon listening to the music of TVVINS that there's something very different going on here. Adams and Kaye's other bands could be categorised in the rock realm – where drums and bass drive the rhythm and guitars lead the way.

The pair share a broad range of musical influences and so, after talking about what the music would sound like before they recorded a note, they got together to write. They relished the process of songwriting with a new partner. 

"We are used to a certain way of doing things with the same musicians,” says Kaye. “So, with this, the writing process is quite different and it's really fresh and interesting to see how other people approach writing a song.” For TVVINS we write songs collaboratively so they're all specifically written just for this band, from the basic ideas to the finished songs, which is a new approach for us too."

Are you interested in a sample of the goods? Get your headphones and give 'You Better' a listen below.