As we enter the final days of Donald Trump's presidency, the last-ditch efforts of his fanatics to keep their spirits up is particularly illuminating of who and what they are.

In certain parts of the US, they're demanding all votes be counted wheras in others, they're demanding counts be stopped. Some supporters are holding prayer services outside of count centres, hoping to pray the votes away for Joe Biden, while in others, they're rocking up to count centres armed to the teeth.

One video, however, shows some of them going nuts to Rage Against The Machine's 1991 hit, 'Killing In The Name'. Yes, that song about police racism. The opening lyrics is 'Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses', in reference to institutional racism and police brutality against the black community. You know, the things that Donald Trump is all about.

Indeed, the video shows two people stomping out to the song, raging on behalf of the machine, wearing a Blue Lives Matter flag and a Trump 2020 flag, just flagrantly not getting that the song is about the infiltration of racism in police instituitons, not to mention US government acquiesence and acceptance of said institutionalising of racism.

Well, as you can imagine, this moment of wilful obliviousness went viral across Twitter last night and, sure enough, it wasn't long before Rage Against The Machine guitarist and the song's writer, Tom Morello, caught wind of the video.

Over to you, Tom.

Yeah, no shit.