BBC TV and radio presenter Reggie Yates has stepped down from his role on Top of the Pops after being criticised for recent negative comments about Jewish people.

The Londoner (and former Doctor Who actor) was accused of anti-semitism after making comments regarding 'fat, Jewish' managers in the grime industry during a recent podcast interview.

He told the #Halfcast Podcast: Take Back The Power: "The thing that makes it great about this new generation of artists is that they ain’t signing to majors. They’re independent, they’re not managed by some random fat Jewish guy from north west London, they’re managed by their brethren.”

He added: "It’s amazing to see now the example isn’t get hot and then give all of your publishing to these idiots. Or go and give all of your rights to these dickheads over here. It’s now get hot, bring the family in, keep the family close, and win with your people. That’s the example now in music.”

Yates has stepped down from his role as co-presenter of this year's TOTP Christmas Special, saying that he "would like to apologise unreservedly to the Jewish community, people in the music industry and anyone else I have offended”.