If you were watching RTE on New Year's Eve, you may well have caught Tolu Makay's beautiful cover of 'N17'.

The Offaly musician's take on the Saw Doctors classic breathed new life into the song, turned it from a rousing singalong to a poignant ballad and basically stole the show.

If you haven't seen it yet, here you go:

Last night on RTE Radio 1's Arena arts programme, Tolu was given the opportunity to speak to one of the song's writers, Leo Moran from The Saw Doctors.

"I've always heard the song floating around from when I was growing up in Tullamore," she said, "but it wasn't until I was given the song to sit down and understand the lyrics  - and with the whole orchestra arrangement, it really helped me break down the lyrics and see it from my point of view."

Moran, who wrote the song's lyrics, also discussed the inspiration behind the original track, calling it a "mix of sweet and sour" emotion.

Listen to their interview here.